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process consulting

Parnassus Analytics LLC is a process consultancy. We improve organizational decision-making by delivering custom-tailored processes that align stakeholders and return business-critical information.


  • Collaboration without obstacles
  • Highly efficient meetings
  • Improved stakeholder alignment
  • Effective group problem solving

Imagine the benefits of increased creativity and alignment. These are the benefits of process consulting. Process consulting combines the advantages of facilitation techniques with carefully customized processes to enable groups to work together with maximum productivity and resourcefulness.

Process consulting is a specialty that manages how people work together on discrete tasks to produce a distinct product. Parnassus Analytics creates custom-tailored processes that put people first. Our services include:

  • Business Analysis: processes to elicit requirements, analyze business procedures, or develop a strategic plan based on the needs and values of the stakeholders
  • Meeting Facilitation: processes to lead teams and groups to achieve a shared goal or decision
  • Information Integration: transparent processes to deliver high quality information

At the heart of all three services is design. We synthesize custom processes that lead each unique stakeholder group from an agreed upon starting point to a desired end point be it strategy, decision, or data set. These processes are as effective in a nonprofit boardroom as they are in a corporate workspace.

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“Steve leaves you confident that when he works on something, no stone is left unturned to fully assess the question at hand, consider it from all angles, and present well thought-out options/recommendations back to the business.  He is an exceptional business partner and has delivered tremendous value!”

Ellen Leung, Director Strategy — Gap, Inc.

“Steven’s facilitation of our day-long visioning process was excellent.  His ability to listen and synthesize a variety of thoughts and ideas led to a clear and comprehensive set of goals.  Steven was well-prepared and organized with a clear plan of action to bring a large group of people around a shared set of beliefs and principles.  The day was well-paced, engaging, relevant, and meaningful.”

Kelly Shea, Superintendent — Sequim Public School District