Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a collaborative discipline. It consists of the tasks BA_Flowand techniques that lead people to understand and document how the policies and procedures of a business organization function. These policies and procedures are designed by and executed by people within group structures staffed by people. Consequently, these processes are subject to the same interpretations and misperceptions that affect all human interaction.

The Parnassus Analytics approach Steve12to Business Analysis is rooted in the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). Nevertheless, our starting point is always with people. From problem definition to implementation, alignment of stakeholders is a key success factor. We approach every process within the Business Analysis stream with the same attention to individual needs, shared values, and organizational objectives.

While we have worked largely with Fortune 500 companies, our methodology is scalable to organizations of almost any size and industry. In addition, we are at home in a variety of project approaches including Agile.


Firms for which we have provided Business Analysis value include:

  • Gap, Inc.
  • Rain Bird International
  • Buena Vista Home Video
  • Health Net
  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • BuildFax


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